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At the beginning of the pandemic, all artist Wewer Keohane wanted to do was clean her studio.

“Nothing was coming through me creatively,” she said.

While she was cleaning, she came across a stack of big, educational flash cards and decided to reach out to about 70s many other artist friends as she knew, which ended up being about 70, and asking if they would want to step away from tidying up studio space and collaborate with her on a piece working from the cards as a starting point.

“I asked if they would want to participate and I would do everything I could to find a place to exhibit it…but the main thing was just to get creative, do whatever you want with this card,” Keohane said.

Keohane, who is best known for her tea bag kimonos piece and the current inaugural fellow at the Aspen Art Museum, ran the project by the Carbondale Arts Center. They took on Keohane’s proposal, along with the 54 other artists who agreed to participate, and opened the Flashcard Project in the middle of the pandemic.



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