“My work is metaphor. Through the invisible quality of understanding the metaphor, I am intuitively guided to the visual interpretations.”

The art of Wewer Keohane is in the permanent collections of the Denver Art Museum, New Orleans Museum of Art, National Museum of Women in the Arts, The Brooklyn Library, The Masur Museum of Art, the Musee L’Eventail (Paris, France), many corporations and libraries. Her work is exhibited in many other museums as well.

Her mixed media, book art works and sculptural pieces are represented and collected internationally and included in many publications.

Wewer is also the author of several books, including Artful Dreaming, and holds Ph.D.s in Creative Arts/Depth Psychology. She is an avid art collector, dog lover and yogi.

“Through a contemplative process using found objects, recycled ephemera, words, color, metals, the metaphor awakens into a story. When I fully understand the metaphor I move to another, which most often presents itself to me through my dreams or meditation. This is a slow process as I am rarely ready to “art” the metaphors, dreams, visions without processing their meaning in my life, which can take days or decades.

This process of art making is my individual and indisputable connection to the divine. To the outside world the work looks eclectic in nature. To me, it tells the story of my growth and the evolution of my authenticity….my quest to make the invisible visible. The continuing theme within all this work is balance. Balance with self, genders, relationships, life. All the metaphors seem to be exploring this deep desire to find a world without duplicity.”

~ Wewer Keohane

Wewer and her husband Steve, also an artist, have created Oneirica Art Ranch , a creative collaboration of art and working studios along Cattle Creek in the Roaring Fork Valley of Western Colorado.